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Dying is one of the few events in life that's certain to occur, yet one we rarely plan for. Explore the options and take the time to pre- arrange your funeral.

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Thinking about the inevitability of one's death is a subject that few like to consider. For many, actually moving ahead with the pre-planning or pre-paying for their funeral is even more difficult to act on.

When one begins to understand the financial and emotional pressure that a funeral can thrust on our loved ones, it becomes clear that planning in advance is a considerate and responsible thing to do.

Similar to the protection that life insurance provides for loved ones; planning a funeral in advance can protect loved ones from much more than just financial concerns. You have always been there to protect them throughout your life, why not after your death?

With the large number of options and considerations available to individuals today, it is important to speak with someone you can trust.

We can guide you through the many options and considerations to help you determine the arrangements that best suit your needs.  We will help you find a balance between the emotional, spiritual and financial needs of your surviving loved ones after you have gone.


We believe that pre need funeral arrangements allow people to think through the steps that need to be taken when death occurs. It gives people an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the options that are available and to make intelligent choices that can be agreed upon between spouses, children, and singles and their executors. Pre need arrangements do not necessarily mean prepayment but rather to find out what costs are involved and make allowance for those costs.
What is most important in these sensitive matters is to have an understanding of what is required by statute and custom and match that with what is desired and meaningful for the family. This requires thoughtful reflection. One of the important aspects to remember in these arrangements is that there is a pecking order of importance beginning with the spouse, oldest child, and executor, etc.
The executor is the one that we select in our will to act in our place at the time of our death. We give to this person all the rights and responsibilities we ourselves would have and expect that they will both understand our wishes and carry them out. We realize that circumstances could change dramatically and that this might impact on pre need understandings but we expect that the executor will always act in our best interests. All others will want to conform to the wishes of those mentioned above in the normal course of events.
A pre-arranged funeral in the province of Ontario can be made only through a licensed funeral service establishment. All monies paid to the establishment must be deposited in accordance with provincial legislation.
One of the advantages of prearranging your funeral is that it plans for your final wishes prior to the time of need. This removes a huge burden from your family when you take care of the necessary funeral details and provide all the information that we need.

The following form allows you to send us the information we need to complete your arrangements: Pre-Planning Information Form.

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