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No one in Brantford does more cremations than the Dennis Toll Funeral Home. Learn why we are the cremation specialists.

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Charing Cross Reception Suites

4676 Memories Shared!
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Dying is one of the few events in life that's certain to occur, yet one we rarely plan for. Explore the options and take the time to pre- arrange your funeral.

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It can be difficult to find the right words, so we have hand-picked a collection of sympathy and remembrance gifts that will be cherished.

Charing Cross Reception Suites

Since the opening our Charing Cross Reception Suites in 2006 we have served thousands and thousands of cups of coffee to families and their friends. 

To us that coffee shared was an opportunity for Memories Shared. A touching story, a funny anecdote, a kind deed repaid, all are memories and the fabric in the tapestry of a life lived.

Food, friends and laughter are some of the favourite memories of our life, what better way to celebrate a life well lived.

"Fred and I had talked about what we wanted for our funerals. He wanted us to celebrate his life. He loved a laugh and good times with our friends. He especially enjoyed the holidays when family would gather for dinner together. Dennis Toll helped us plan a wonderful celebration of Fred's life. We had a short but evocative service that meant a great deal to his brothers and his grandchildren who each took part in the service.

After the service we simply walked over to the innovative reception rooms where some great stories about Fred were shared amongst friends.

I glanced around one time and saw his three golf buddies laughing about the time Fred waded into the creek to chip his shot onto the green. I saw the grandchildren looking at Fred's tackle box and fishing gear which Dennis had displayed against the fireplace mantel that held my favourite picture of Fred and I on the beach.

At one point I felt a little guilty about all of the noise and laughter in the room. But as I listened I heard the love and respect. It was just what Fred would have wanted and just what he deserved." 

"The funeral didn't end at the ceremony, important healing took place at the reception."

You bring the memories; We will look after the rest.

The room, the food and all of the little details are where we really excel. Our reception room and amenities are unmatched in the area. No need to worry about the upset of having everyone back to your home, we can accommodate any size group, from a few to a few hundred. Our caterers are recognized in the community for their commitment to quality and service. You won't have to worry about what to serve or who can bring what. For reasonable rates we can look after everything you need.

"Our family dinner together helped us to reconnect with each other."

"It came as a great surprise when Dennis suggested we could have a family dinner served in the reception suites between visitations. We didn't know a funeral home offered such a service. Uncle Joe wanted us to get together at a restaurant or someone's house between the afternoon and evening visitation for Grandpa. Frankly I welcomed the idea as I was the only one who could accommodate everyone. With the trips to the hospital and the upset around the funeral I wouldn't have the time to tidy up for everyone to come over.

We talked about where we could go that had enough privacy and be reasonably priced. Dennis suggested we could have a hot beef dinner catered in a private room just for our family. After the 4:00 visitation we walked across the parking lot to the reception suites. They had a lovely table set up for the 12 of us and a hot roast beef dinner with all the extras. After the meal we sat in front of the fireplace on the leather couch, visited with the cousins and recalled times on the farm. At 6:30 we walked back across the parking lot to the funeral home in time for the first friends to arrive for the evening visiting.

Uncle Joe even picked up the tab for the dinner. He was as pleased with the costs as he was that everyone had been together at such an important time."