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Cremation Services

Cremation is a choice that is continually growing and can provide an alternative to a traditional funeral. However, the family of the loved one may still hold religious services and visitation. Most cremation funerals take the form of one of these three options.

  • Direct Cremation is the simplest form of disposition of human remains. It includes no ceremonies or rites and is handled by a Funeral Home. It may take place after signed clearance from the coroner and the next of kin.
  • Cremation with Memorial Service includes the Direct Cremation, but a memorial service is held after the cremation in order to offer the family and friends a means to remember the loved one. It can be held at the Funeral Home or at a location you feel most comfortable.
  • Cremation with Viewing offers the family the option having a visitation period and/or a funeral ceremony while still permitting the cremation to take place afterwards. It is still more cost effective than a full traditional funeral, and the family is given the opportunity to gather and support each other through the grieving process as well as being able to attain closure, not always available with direct cremation.

Can I Have A Viewing With Cremation?
Absolutely. The psychological benefits of viewing the deceased and having the opportunity to say goodbye are well documented. Cremation in no way limits viewing, visitation or other gatherings.

Do I Need A Casket?
Some type of container is needed to allow for the dignified transfer of the deceased. The type of casket or container that is appropriate depends on the services chosen and the individual preferences of those involved.

Does Cremation Mean We Can't Have A Funeral?
No, by choosing cremation the choice of ceremonies is not limited at all. The selection may actually be expanded. Cremation may take place after visitation and funeral services, or it may take place prior to a memorial ceremony.

Do We Need An Urn?
A cremation urn or a temporary container is used to contain and protect the cremated remains following the cremation process. Cremation urns are made of a variety of materials and are available in a wide range of prices. Temporary containers are made of less permanent materials and are designed for the utilitarian purpose of containing the cremated remains only prior to final disposition.

Isn't "Direct" Cremation Easier?
"Direct" cremation usually means cremation with no services or very limited services. Some choose direct cremation believing that the quickest, simplest option is best. For some people this may be true. However, all cultures, everywhere in the world, recognize the need to come together, share and grieve at the time of a death. Most people require something more than only to dispose of the deceased body.

What Does Cremation Cost?
That depends on the type of services and merchandise selected. As with costs for burial services, the total cost is determined by the choices made.

What Happens After The Cremation?
After the cremation is completed the cremated remains are placed in an urn or temporary container pending final disposition. Final disposition can be burial, above ground entombment, scattering, permanent possession or a combination of these. Careful consideration needs to be given to which option or options are most appropriate. What is proper and correct for one family may not be for another.

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